the process

01. Fibre Selection

We pay special attention to the selection of our main raw material which can be wool, silk, vi-silk or any other fibre that we might want to work around. Since this is the main ingredient in making a beautiful carpet, it has to be dealt with perfection.

02. Hand Spinning

After the fibre is selected it goes into the spinning process.Depending on the quality of the rugs to be produced.The fibre is spun into yarn by hand.

03. Dyeing

The yarn is dyed by our master dyers who work with already set formulas according to the fibre to be dyed.We also keep exploring new colours and formulations regularly.

04. Designing

We have a team of designers working under our Creative Head, Mrs.Ayesha Shuja Khan who follow the international trends and interior design needs to come up with up to date and phenomenal designs and colour combinations. You can book an appointment with one of our designers or the creative head to work on your very own designs and colour combinations.

05. Weaving

Our artisan weavers work hard to produce the beauties that go and adorn amazing interiors with their mere hands. Knotting each knot with fingers they create a piece of art.

06. Washing

The carpets are washed by hand and sun-dried to get the best feel and look.

07. Finishing

This process includes the final make up of the rugs and the straightening as per need.