About Miaco

We are open to new ideas and experimentation. We embrace change with a big hug. We simply love being creative! with 40 years of Experience in Making Beautiful and Exquisite Handknotted Carpets, We are the market leaders and pioneers in the Largest Sizes. We are also trendsetters in floor coverings around the World keeping up with the changing needs and trends globally. From traditional to contemporary, from transactional to technically aesthetic Carpets we create handknotted goodness for everyone. We have composite in house facility from the wool selection to the finishing of the Carpets.

What makes us stand apart

We have been winners and finalists consecutively year after year, in the international Carpet Design Awards held CDA-2008annually in Germany and China. We have been working extensively with interior decorators and designers since the last decade and have good experience in keeping up with the global interior trends. Our team of designers works round the clock to create "Hand knotted Goodness" that you can share with your loved ones. We are open to ideas and experimentation. We embrace change with a big hug. We simply love being creative! For the very first time in the history of Pakistan we are providing a customized made-to-order rug facility to our clients. Your design... Your colors... Your size... You name it and we make it!  

Why Miaco?

MIACO carpets a 4 Decades old handmade carpet manufacturer family concern headed by Chairman Akhtar Nazir Khan Cooki, steered ahead by our CEO Asif Nazir Khan and given creative life by our creative director Mrs Ayesha Shuja Khan. We have a rich history of making many expansive interiors look beautiful with our handmade rugs. We are the pioneers of Extra Large sizes in Pakistan. We also have the privilege to have laid out some of our beautiful pieces of Art at places like: Dubai Palace David Beckham's Academy Cambridge University Hilton Hotel Athens Grant Palace Hotel Slovenia President of Slovenia's Convention Hall & Palace The mayor of Xining's Mansion Shanghai Expo

Green all the way through

When a Company wishes to make a difference in the environmental sphere, it is important to take the lead and do things that other companies do not. Environmental responsibility lies deep in our hearts. We are environmentally conscious all the way through. However, We are not only green in the product itself - but also in our production processes. We at MIACO use natural fibers and raw materials. Hence providing hygienic and Eco-friendly rugs which repel allergens.


MIACO International is one of the oldest carpet manufacturing and export concerns in Pakistan with 40 years of experience in manufacturing and export of Handmade Rugs. CDA-2009We produce fine hand-knotted oriental rugs. Our business not only concerns unique manufacturing of exclusive decorative carpets but we conserve and restore a large quantity of antique and semi antique carpets using natural products. We research extensively and carefully inspect, evaluate, clean and restore every item that is added to our inventory. We specialize in both single knot & double knot qualities as well as flatweaves and Durries using different fibers and fiber blends including handspun wool, twisted wools of all sorts of fine New Zealand or Locally procured Pakistani wool. We also use silk, viscose and other natural fibers in our handmade rug production. Our main importers are USA, UK, South Africa, Australia and Europe. We also deal in programmed Goods Production in USA, UK, South Africa and Europe. CDA-2010Our manufacturing capacity is up to 8,000/-sq.meters per month of all qualities.    


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